If I could recommend Lauren to anyone building their Dubsado, I 110% would! She did about 3 months worth of work for me in the span of a few weeks & built it with so much thought and organization in mind (so many small details go into a Dubsado build that Lauren did that I never even thought of!). I can't tell you how relieved I feel to have found her services & how much time + stress she's saved me. Lauren has such a kind heart and is so talented at what she does & really cares about her clients outcome, and I couldn't recommend her enough ☻

time + stress she's saved me

"I can't tell you how much


My experience could not have been better! You are so clear in your communications, and you make everything understandable. I struggled with so many admin emails that needed to go out on specific days and trying to remember all those dates. I know have THE BEST AUTOMATION/WORKFLOW SYSTEM THAT HAS EVER EXISTED! So far the inquiry process has been unbelievably smooth!

Has been unbelievably smooth

"The inquiry process


I felt like a mess and Lauren really helped me figure out how to make what I wanted to do into easy steps and processes. She also gave me guidance on how to go about doing so and how to communicate that with my customers. Before, I struggled with not knowing how to set up Dubsado, not knowing the best way to go about doing so. I wanted to get my shit together! I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the decisions I need to be making and felt behind on everything. Working with Lauren has been wonderful!

easy steps and processes

"Helped me make what I wanted to do into 


Lauren blew me away!!! She worked tirelessly to build out my Dubsado workflows for my interior design business and understood my vision SO WELL. She is so kind and so professional, I wish I could hire her forever! I could not have done this without her guidance. 1000% recommend!

1000% recommend!

I could not have done this without her guidance

PICNICS in the 6ix

Lauren you are amazing thank you so much for completely figuring out my website and Dubsado for me as it is something I would definitely not be able to do myself. Your eagerness to help people earn and ensure they understand is so admirable and this experience was top notch. I have so much more time and don't stress when my inbox is full of quotes as I know it can be handle in a click of a mouse. I'm not worrying that I didn't set something up properly as I know it was done by a professional. Clocking out at 5 is a new for me and I know I have my systems, website and you to thank for this.

when my inbox is full

"I don't stress


I loved that you heard my vision and were able to create a site that is perfect for me. Before, I had no automation and did not know where to even begin. I knew that I needed to maximize SEO but would not try to figure it out on my own.

I received more than I expected. I didn’t realize how much could be added into Dubsado to make the customer experience easy and upselling seamless. You added things to help my brand that I would never have thought to add.

created a site perfect for me

"You heard my vision and


Before working with you I was struggling with connecting all the pieces together, email, CRM, website, etc. I knew I needed a cohesive workflow but wasn't sure how to get there and what software to use. After working with you not only did I get all the things mentioned above, BUT the way you pulled everything together actually allowed me to take a step back and improve my approach and how I want to communicate and work with clients. I am obsessed with the software and so happy you help guide me in that's totally my vibe and my brain grasped the flow and ease of it. I enjoyed every part of this journey. 

how i work with clients

"Improved my approach &



The best way to describe what it was like working with Lauren is that she added color and filled in the outline of the picture I gave her! She was clear, intuitive, prompt and excited---all things needed on an overwhelming project like this! I felt like I had a true partner who wasn't just trying to complete a job, but someone who was collaborating with me and my future.  I received a beautiful new design and vibe along with the streamlining, process and focus for where I'm headed. I know that I have a very thorough process for client intake and project management which will only help my chances in improving not just the craziness of working through my workload but also help my clients have a very positive experience with interacting with me.


"I felt like I had a

The KC Collective

Before I was feeling the future of my business was "foggy", and now I feel like I have a clear path to really set my business up for success in the next few years. Working with Lauren gave me exactly what I needed to make needed changes and updates in my business.  I needed help finding ways to streamline my business and where I could get back some time and productivity in the day-to-day! I also wanted to find opportunities to scale and how scaling with a team should work as I grow.


"Now I feel like