Creative Template Shop Walk Thru + Review

July 2, 2021

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Create Easy Dubsado Proposals with these Canva templates.

Creative Template Shop by Boss Project is a one-stop-shop for Templates to be used in Dubsado, Leadpages, Flodesk, Instagram, and Pinterest, and are all edited with Canva. I’m excited to do a Creative Template Shop Walk Thru for you!

I couldn’t find a very good walkthrough, so I created one to share with you today! You can watch the full walk-through video here.

QUICK LINKS: 8:18 template library  | 9:20 image packs to canva | 12:38 sales page 

I’m Lauren with The Smarter Creative, and I am on a mission to help creative small business owners work smarter in their business, not harder. Using templates is one way to do that.

Using Templates in Your Dubsado

I started using the Creative Templates Shop for my Dubsado proposals because they make it so easy and so beautiful. I want to show you what it looks like and how great this service is! The Creative Template Shop website makes it very easy to look through different categories of templates, see the collections available, and look through the differences and color palettes of what’s available.

When I first heard about the Creative Template Shop and saw how wonderful they were, I looked at the preview of what their items were and used that as inspiration to build my proposals. That was great when I first set up my Dubsado and got to know the features. But since then, as I have continued to grow my business, my time is more valuable to me than gaining inspiration from what they do. I decided I wanted exactly what Creative Template Shop was offering, so I paid for a membership for my business. I like that they have everything out there in the open for you to see exactly what you’ll get and what templates look like before you commit.

To see a side-by-side comparison of my paid-for Creative Templates Shop account versus the Creative Templates Shop for a nonmember, watch the full video here

Member vs Nonmember Benefits

There are a few options available to new customers, from purchasing templates al a carte to either a monthly or annual membership. You can check out their membership and pricing options here

It’s $47 a month to be a member on a month-to-month basis, or there’s an annual plan as well. Paying a one-time purchase for one template is an option, but becoming a member helps you save money and get access to all of their templates. Unfortunately, I do not have a discount code for you since they stopped the affiliate program, but I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out!

I will walk through more specifics of downloading these templates and how to change them to fit you and your business in the full preview video here.

After purchasing templates to use in your Dubsado, there are links provided where you can add the templates to your Dubsado account in one or two easy clicks. You have the option to preview it inside of your Dubsado, as well as copy it to your Dubsado account. 

One thing I love about these templates from the Creative Template Shop is they are really well thought out. The templates have different sections to build trust with a potential client, show your recent projects, link to your blogs or portfolio, show available packages, etc. There are a number of things provided in a template that you may not originally think of including in a proposal, and again, you can easily edit everything to fit you and your business.

A Look Inside the Dubsado Template Library

When you look at the Dubsado template library, you can see they have a handful of general proposal templates available. In my walkthrough video, I show a preview of one, which isn’t bad, but is simply one graphic with form questions. It’s just not as fun, and I think the Creative Template Shop provides much cooler designs with section breakdowns for you to use for your business proposals. Watch as I walk through this in the video here.

Downloading Image Packs to Canva

When you download a template from the Creative Template Shop, your download will have links to add the different image packs to your Canva account. They provide three different image packs to download: Header & Footer, Section Header, and Filler Templates. Each is sized for the different sections they are designed for, and you can edit them as needed for your business.

Template Instructional Videos Provided

With every template you get from the Creative Template Shop, you get a link to their walkthrough video of using your template and putting it into your Dubsado account. They show you what’s possible, why certain sections are included, all the different info, and more, which is just perfect if you’re really new to this or need a hand to see what is possible with your templates.

So, go ahead and look through everything at There are proposal templates, social media templates (for stories and square posts), ultimate launch bundles, sale pages for leads, and more. 

Again, you can see a quick glimpse of some of the things available in my walk-through video here.  

Take Advantage of this Great Resource

If you haven’t realized this by now, The Creative Template Shop is amazing – they want you to be successful and have done a lot of work to get to where they’re at. I recommend you check them out and take advantage of all the knowledge they offer. 

Sign up, download the templates you want to use, and save them all so you have them if you cancel your membership. You can join the monthly membership, download the templates you want, and cancel if necessary. 

There are many people you can hire to build out your Dubsado forms (like me!), but you do not have to by any means. If you are not at a place to hire someone to do this, these templates offer you an easier and cheaper option to do things yourself. You can easily edit a few Canva graphics yourself, which saves you a lot of time and effort. 

So again, I would definitely recommend you take advantage of this resource from the Creative Template Shop! I don’t have an affiliate code to give you a discount, but if that changes, I will update this to ensure you can get the very best deal.

I hope this resource makes life easier for you as a small business creative! If there’s anything else I can do to help you with, feel free to book a clarity call with me, and I’d love to chat about how I can help you elevate your business.

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