Best Subscription Services for your Small Business

April 1, 2020

There are a couple of monthly subscriptions on the marketing side of things that I personally subscribe to that I love and I wanted to share them with you because it saves me so much time and energy when it comes to social media and graphics and things.

Haute Stock

So the first one I’m going to share with you is the website called Haute Stock. They have super simple photos, and here’s a look behind the scenes into what it looks like on the member side and my portal. You can click on different collections and open photos and easily save them.

What is super cool is they have started doing some caption suggestions and what you should post on your feed every day. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t have the mental energy to think about what I want to post on social media, even what I want to talk about. There are enough things in the day to decide on that I do not have time to decide how I am going to show up on social media for my business every day. I’m super grateful that they have started doing that as a bonus.

Pricing as of April 2021 is $139/quarter or $399/year.

Social Curators

The other one I’m a part of (and it only opens like twice a year) is Social Curators. Social Curators is founded by Jasmine Star and is a subscription that I would subscribe to just so I can get coached in a group coaching session every month from her because she is amazing.

(Side note, her twin sister is Bianca Olthoff, who is a speaker and pastor that I was familiar with before Jasmine. And when I first saw some Instagram ads by Jasmine, I was like, this woman is trying to be like Bianca! Because I knew Bianca from church stuff and I had no idea who Jasmine was. And I honestly got frustrated, until I realized they were twin sisters, and it made SO MUCH SENSE, why they are so similar.)

But it’s not just the coaching from Jasmine that is so great. They give suggestions on what to post in your feeds. They give so much strategy behind different social media platforms and trends. I’m just gonna give you a little peek into some of the action plans.

It is all so helpful the captions and the photos. Social Curators makes it nearly brainless to know what to post. Jasmine is a photographer and she has all kinds of photos to use as well for your posts (but you don’t have to use them! I don’t – it’s why I also subscribe to Haute Stock because they are more on-brand for me). Social Curators photos are wonderful, bright photos, and it’s nice to have both.

I just love Jasmine’s insights on what to focus on how to launch your business. I’ve learned so much from her, I’ve subscribed for years, and it has been one of the most helpful things to stay on the trend with what is happening in social media.

So those are the two I subscribe to Haute Stock and Socials Curators, I would love to know if you have any tips and tricks subscriptions that you get on a monthly basis that make your life easier when it comes to marketing, social media, or maybe just encouragement. So let me know, drop it in the comments below.

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