Time Management Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

June 20, 2024

Say goodbye to scattered energy and hello to focused productivity with these tips for creative business time management!

Do you ever start your workday with a burst of ideas, only to find yourself drowning in a sea of to-dos by lunchtime? As a creative entrepreneur, I know that feeling all too well. The very things that make us brilliant – our passion, our imagination, our endless ideas – can sometimes leave us feeling scattered and overwhelmed. But what if I told you that structure doesn’t have to stifle your creativity? In fact, it can actually unlock it.

Let’s dive into some time management strategies that have transformed my workdays and helped me channel my creative energy into tangible results:

Mondays: My Secret Weapon for a Productive Week

I’m not a fan of planning my week on Sunday evenings. Instead, I use Mondays as my dedicated planning day. I dive into my Dubsado client projects, review upcoming leads, and identify any stalled projects. This focused planning session sets the tone for the entire week. To stay on track, I rely on Sunsama, a task management app that pulls in tasks from various platforms and helps me schedule recurring tasks effortlessly. It’s a game-changer!

Time Blocking: Creativity Loves a Little Structure

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about rigid schedules here. I’m a big believer in flexible time blocking. I use Sunsama to map out my day, allocating blocks of time for different tasks. This helps me be more realistic about how long things will take and allows me to adjust my plan based on my energy levels throughout the day.

Say No to Shiny Objects

One of the biggest challenges for creative entrepreneurs is resisting those “quick win” distractions that pop up throughout the day. When I’m focused on a task, I turn off notifications, close my email, and use apps like Forest to help me stay on track. I’m not saying you have to say “no” forever, but learning to delay gratification can work wonders for your productivity.

Embrace Deep Work

Deep work is that magical state of flow where you’re fully immersed in a task. It’s where you do your best work. To get into this zone, I try to eliminate distractions and give myself at least 5 minutes to warm up before diving into a task. If I’m still not feeling it after 5 minutes, I give myself permission to move on to something else.

Reclaim Control of Your Calendar

Meetings can be a major time suck. If you’re in control of your schedule, be intentional about when you take meetings. I limit my client calls to days when I know I won’t have deep work scheduled, and I don’t allow meetings to be booked on short notice. This helps me protect my focus time and show up fully for my clients.

Inbox Zero: A Calmer Mind

A cluttered inbox can feel like a weight on your shoulders. I use Google’s email tabs and filters to organize my inbox and strive to keep it as close to zero as possible. I snooze emails that I don’t need to address immediately and use Sunsama to schedule tasks related to specific emails.

Getting your Creative Business Time Management Under Control

Remember, the goal isn’t to become a productivity robot. It’s about finding systems and strategies that work for your unique creative brain. So experiment, find what feels good, and don’t be afraid to break the rules a little! The most important thing is to be intentional about how you spend your time so you can create more space for the things that truly matter to you.

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm and embrace a more productive, focused workday, I invite you to watch my latest YouTube video where I dive deeper into these time management strategies. You’ll also find links to the tools I mentioned – Dubsado and Sunsama – which have been instrumental in transforming my business.

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