Dubsado Custom Proposals: Two Methods to Streamline Your Client Wins

April 24, 2024

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Discover how to ditch the manual proposal struggle and create custom Dubsado Proposal / Custom Dubsado Quote that convert clients and boost your business.

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Feeling overwhelmed by endless proposal creation for unique client projects? If creating Dubsado custom proposals is a major time-suck in your business, listen up! Dubsado has your back. This powerful CRM offers two distinct but awesome ways to deliver those tailor-made quotes to your clients with speed and style.

In this post, I’m spilling all my Dubsado secrets to help you choose the custom proposal method that’s perfect for your business flow. Think of this as your roadmap to less stress, more streamlined quotes, and a whole lot more happy clients!

Invoice First – The “Quote-Ready” Method

This method is fantastic if you prefer to have complete control over the line items and pricing before your client sees a thing. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Craft your Invoice: Create a detailed invoice in Dubsado, just like you would for a regular client project, outlining all line items and pricing.
  2. Link it Up: Embed your beautifully crafted invoice into a proposal using Dubsado’s smart fields. This dynamically pulls the invoice information onto the proposal for your client to view.
  3. TIP: You will need to add a “zero dollar” package that gets pre-selected to avoid proposal submission errors.

Proposal First – The “Build-It-Together” Approach

If you favor a collaborative feel where clients have more input on the pricing structure itself, this method is for you! Here’s how it works:

  1. Set the Stage: Start with a Dubsado proposal template. You can pre-populate it with standard service offerings or leave it blank for total customization.
  2. Smart Field Magic: Use invoice smart fields to display selected items and adjust pricing as your client builds the package.
  3. Auto-Invoice: This is the best part – the invoice gets automatically generated and populated as soon as your client signs off on the proposal!

Which is Best for You?

The perfect choice hinges on your unique needs. Consider these factors:

  • Invoice Pending: If you don’t want to see an open invoice until the client is ready to move forward, then the Proposal-First method is for you.
  • Work from Invoice: If it’s just easier for you to start from the invoice – then do that!!
  • Workflow: Streamline your process with the Proposal-First method to avoid extra invoice steps.

Beyond the Basics – Tips for Customizing Like a Pro

  • Brand It: Make your proposals pop with your brand colors, logos, and fonts for a polished, professional look. Check out THIS POST for CSS tips or THIS POST for renaming your proposal tabs!
  • Start from a Template: Our Dubsado Proposal Templates in the Shop are perfect to get you started with a beautiful design!
  • Smart Fields Are Stellar: Embrace those smart fields to auto-populate client info, contracts, and more, saving you major time!
  • Test Drive: Always view your proposals from the client’s perspective (incognito browser to the rescue!) for flawless presentations.

Watch the Full Walk Through Tutorial

Ditch the proposal headaches, friend! Dubsado’s got you covered with flexible ways to create those custom quotes. Armed with these insider tips, you’ll be streamlining your workflow and converting clients with stunning proposals in no time.

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And remember, if those DIY vibes aren’t your thing, I can help you build your dream Dubsado setup – offering guidance, templates, and even full-on done-for-you support. Because as your biggest cheerleader, I’m all about helping you work smarter, not harder!

Let’s chat! Book a free clarity call and see how we can make your Dubsado dreams a reality.

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