How to use the NEW Dubsado FORM BUILDER

July 15, 2022

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New this week (as of July 2022), Dubsado launched their new form builder. It’s got some pretty cool tricks to level up your form designs! I’m here today to walk you through how to use Dubsado Forms, and to check out what else has changed inside of forms.

I’m Lauren with The Smarter Creative. I help creative small business owners work smarter in their business, not harder. I’m a Certified Dubsado Specialist, AKA a Dubsado Pro. I love all things Dubsado. I love how it streamlines the inside of your business and that’s what I want to share with you today!

If you want to follow along as I share my screen and walk through these features, watch the full video here. I share some of the new features in real-time inside the form builder, inside of my own Dubsado. I also share some key takeaways, especially if you use code within your forms.

So, if you’re ready, let’s jump in! 

Creating a Form + Using Containers

In my deep dive of all things forms and containers, I cover: 

  • Adjusting sizing and spaces within containers
  • Adding column containers within other containers
  • Adding background colors and images
  • Adjusting image opacity

I walk through all of these things and share my screen in the full video tutorial, so definitely check that out to get a good feel for Dubsado’s form builder.

Updated Form Settings

Under ‘Design Settings’, you can change the look of all of your questions here including font size, style padding, the font on the buttons, etc. 

To see me walk through this with a few more details, watch the tutorial video here beginning at the 9:53 timestamp.

Must Know Things if you Use Code in your Forms

If you use code inside your forms, you’ll want to be aware of toggling off the legacy setting. If you have code embedded inside of your form, you’ll most likely want to keep your legacy mode turned on to make sure that all the settings are moved over. What that does is it doesn’t allow you to do all that fun container work. But then you can always turn it off. 

Then, when you’re ready and your coding has been updated, it’ll be there. If you’ve had anybody that has built out forms for you, reach out to them and ask them about what you should do, and they should be able to guide you through it. 

Need Help with Dubsado?

If you find yourself needing more help with Dubsado, I’m your girl! I love to help small business owners figure out what they need and build the Dubsado of their dreams. 
When you’re new to Dubsado, you’re just trying to figure out what on earth to do – I’d love to help you. You can schedule a FREE 30-minute clarity call with me to see how The Smarter Creative can help you get your creative small business in order!

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