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October 17, 2022

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Dubsado is constantly rolling out new features – here are the latest new features and how to use them!

You can either watch the video summary or read on to learn all about them!

QUICK LINKS: 00:00 Intro | 01:12 1st Update – Payment Plans | 2:21 2nd Update – Changing Font Color in a Container | 04:02 3rd Update – Spacers in Forms | 04:43 4th Update – Dividers in Forms |05:55 Reminder: Legacy Mode Going Away January 2023 | 06:12 Why Updates Matter

What’s New in Dubsado

Dubsado is constantly rolling out new features, so today I’m going to talk about a few of those new features as of October 2022. What’s nice about being a certified Dubsado specialist is I get sneak peeks into updates in advance, so I’ve spent some time with these new features before they launch to all Dubsado users. 

Hi! I’m Lauren with The Smarter Creative, and I help creative small business owners work smarter and not harder in their business. I love talking about Dubsado, Flodesk, Notion, and general encouragement in business. 

I love to see you as a small business owner show up fully in your unique business – working with things that make you flourish. I want you to run your business in a way that allows you to have a life and not be run by your business. If you want that for your small business, too, then we’re on the same page! 

So, let’s jump into the 4 new Dubsado features as of October 2022. If you’d rather watch me share my screen while I show these features, check out my walk-through video here: Here are the 4 latest Dubsado features – NEW in October 2022!

Ready? Okay, let’s go!

1st Update – Payment Plans

The first change that happened inside Dubsado is how you can edit payment plans within your projects. 

Now, you can edit your payment plan and can change anything about the payment plan for a project specifically. Nothing will trigger until you hit save. You have the option to save it as a new template. Then, it will then be available in your templates where you can edit anything, whether it’s the due date, the reminders, or whatever – but nothing will happen until you hit save. It has saved a lot of wrongly sent emails, so it’s a win. 

To see the walk-through of this specific update, watch the video here beginning at 1:12 timestamp.

2nd Update – Changing Font Color in a Container

The second update is inside forms. Looking at the containers within your form, we already know the new containers can go wide-width and can have a specific background color. Now Dubsado also made it so you can change your text color as well. So, with a click of a button, you can change all the coloring inside the box, which is huge!

To see the walk-through example of this update, watch the video here beginning at the 2:21 timestamp.

3rd Update – Spacers in Forms

Previously, to get your spacing a bit better in forms you had to build in margins with some top and bottom padding. Now, new in Dubsado is the ability to add a spacer. Here you can give yourself some white space with the options for spacer heights, whether that’s inside of a block or simply between blocks in your form.

To see the walk-through of this update, watch the video here beginning at the 4:02 timestamp.

4th Update – Dividers in Forms

The fourth update to Dubsado is the divider. Now in your form, you can add a divider that has a few options to customize it. You can change the width, weight, and color of the divider line. You can also change the type of line it is – double-lined, dotted, dashed, or solid. 

To see the walk-through of this update, watch the video here beginning at 4:43 timestamp.

Reminder: Legacy Mode Going Away in January 2023

Just as a reminder, the legacy mode is possibly going away at the beginning of the year. Make the switch by January 2023 at the end of January. All forms will automatically have that, and that will not be a toggle that you’ll need to worry about turning on and off.

Why Updates Matter

I hope it’s been helpful to get a little overview of some of the new features in action and how you can use them! I would encourage you to be creative with how you put your forms together, especially your proposals. Your proposals can act as a sales page for your service, digital product, or whatever you’re selling through Dubsado. So, have some fun with it! 

A proposal that acts as a sales page actually helps your leads, the people who you’re looking to work with, feel more confident in booking with you because you’re giving them a clear picture of what you offer. So be sure to use those forms in a way that just puts your work on display by including FAQs, testimonials, and more. 

Needing Help with Dubsado? I’ve got you.

If you are overwhelmed working in your business Dubsado, I get it. It’s hard, right? There’s so much going on and you don’t know what you don’t know. I’d love to help! 

I would love to come alongside you to help you make your Dubsado the best it can be. I provide both DIY options and done-for-you options. Book a free 30-minute clarity call with me today to see how The Smarter Creative can help you get your business in order!

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